Engine Management System (AERT)


The program covers electrical, and electronics with exposure on special diagnostics tools. It also includes detailed working of Engine Management system, sensors, actuators, problems identification in circuits and diagnosis checks with interactive learning techniques.


6 hours of e-learning + 1day of practical at NTI center

Program Overview:

In this short program, you will learn about the basics of electrical and electronics, use of special diagnostic tools, and working of Engine Management System. The program covers diagnosis of complex and advanced automotive systems in the new generation cars. Learn about calibration of electronic control modules used for Brakes, Safety Systems, Transmission systems, Suspension system, Entertainment system and Engines. You will be learning step-by-step working of sensors and actuators, usage of diagnostic tools, and scanners.

The program starts with basic electrical understanding. And then covers understanding ofthe basics of EMS,Types of all sensors and actuators, their working principles and their functions.

This program uses interactive learning techniques, with tasks for remembering key learning outcome, brush up screens for picking up key points, and quizzes too. You will be able to learn at your own speed and24x7, as it is online and can work on mobile too.

Program Coverage:

         Mod 1: Basics of Electrical and Electronics.

    • Structure of an atom.
    • What is electricity?
    • Types of materials.
    • Types of circuit.
    • Automotive circuit components and working

         Mod 2: Use of Special Diagnostic Tools.

    • Introduction to special diagnostic tools
    • Understanding of their features and functions.
    • Use of these tools for circuit diagnosis.
    • Interactive tasks for circuit checking.
    • Introduction to Diode and Capacitors.

         Mod 3: Introduction to  Engine Management System

    • What is Engine Management System?
    • Introduction to Engine Control Unit.
    • Step-by-step working o sensors, actuators, ECU.
    • Types of all sensors and actuators, their working principles and their functions.
    • Use of OBD-II scanner.
    • Diagnostic checks for all sensors, all actuators, ECU.





Who Should Enroll:

·         Students from mechanical, electrical and electronics field

·         Auto Enthusiast for “Do it yourself”

·         Automotive professionals

Link for registration: https://bit.ly/2sazpW7

This program will help you to face interview with positive results.If you are already working in the automotive industry, it will help you to get to the higher skills and recognition. It will allow you to take your first step towards the league of rare Automotive Experts. And Earn the Diagnostics Expert credentials.

Certification and Availability:

·         On successful completion of the e-learning and Practical, the candidate will get NTI certificate.

·         This program is offered at all the NTI Centers. Please contact the nearest NTI center for more information




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