What support is require?

We call upon support from corporate, individuals and social organizations to provide financial support in following areas

  1. Finance student’s fees up to 50% to 70%.
  2. Donate your old vehicle to enable students practice on these vehicles.
  3. Donate your old / new machines used for automotive manufacturing.
  4. Provide high end tools and equipment related to automotive


Most of our students come from economically backward families. Their families total house hold monthly income ranges from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000. These children are generally school dropouts. They leave the school because they do not have funds to finance their education after 10th or 12th. They try to fetch a job to support their families, most of the time they do not get good job. Some time they end up getting some temporary low skill hourly job and able to save very little after the personal expenses.

Low skill at work translates in to performance and peer pressure, family issues, financial issues and lack of motivation and guidance impacts their moral and confidence to succeed in the life. They either go in to their shell and become lose all hopes or they become very aggressive and lose the human values.

NTI is first of its kind of Skill development institute run by world’s largest automotive training and consulting group. Our expertise in transforming the lives of people through training and coaching, our automotive industry relationship and our connect with skill development ecosystem have given us success in transforming the life of these economically backward and socially deprived Indian youth by providing them a bright career in Automotive Industry.

NTI has trained more than 5000 students in last three years. Out of these 5000 candidates, more than 2000 were 10th and 12th pass, who have been trained in various skills pertaining to job roles in automotive retail space and placed them in to automotive dealerships and companies. We could more than double their family’s monthly household income in most of the cases.

Another set of students are the one who are working in unorganized sector of automotive repair. These people are paid very less and they are not able to progress in their career because of lack of opportunity to enhance their skills. We have trained about 3000 mechanics, who are working in local workshops and garages. We trained them on the new generation technology, electrical and electronics modules used in today’s modern vehicles. Some of them are now able to start their own repair shop, some could move in to organized sector with better salary and rest are getting better remuneration with the same employer.

NTI offers scholarships to fund fees for their studies to some students, however it’s not enough and many students still not able to enroll in the program. We call upon support of all the corporates, individuals and social organizations to fund these student’s fees.

We recommend not to fund 100% fees because we have observed that when they have feeling of getting this education for free, they and their families do not take the studies seriously.


You may contact our CSR coordinator on +91 8767 071707.